In this digital age, very few existing companies have the scale or the systems in place to cater to the unique needs of customers. Artificial intelligence is set to impact in a big way and it is understood that by the year 2020, there will be a total of fifty billion devices connected in the Internet-of-Things.Marketing research conducted by Salesforce has recently concluded that more than three-fifths of consumers claim that their buying behaviours are changing due to the advent of technology. Three gaps have been Very few are providing personalized experience. More than half those surveyed responded that they will be willing to switch brands if the marketers continue to bombard them with mass offers or discount content. Similarly, not many are using business analytics to derive predictive intelligence. So much of data exists that one can forecast business trends, yet very few are able to integrate the vast data to their marketing needs. Smartphones have added the sense of urgency to customers, but few organizations are catering towards such instantaneous demands. More millennials must be involved in marketing strategy formulation as they are more likely to possess the empathy needed to understand modern day customers.


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