Bosses with unpredictable behaviours unfortunately abound. Many display “Jekyll and Hyde” characteristics which waver from highs where the subordinate gets praised to the hilt to lows where the person gets belittled in public. Some tactics have been identified which may best offset such behaviours so enable the employees to stay focused. First of all the employee must make sure not to take offence on personal basis. The behaviour reflects a pure lack of perspective but not necessarily intent. The subordinate must also deduce the triggers which lead to such unpredictable behavior. If they can be well forecast, he/she can escape the ire with the identification of patterns. In accordance with the same concept, every person will indeed have certain pet dislikes. Timing needs to be kept in consideration to not indulge in certain behaviours at those times. The employee must also indulge in strategically apologizing at times, as that often soothes down the other. It is important to keep calm at such situations. Most crucially, the person concerned must know when external management training or executive coaching may help the senior. The last stage would be to simply move on to a different workplace.



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