Historically, workplaces have treated games with a lot of distrust invoking the reputation of employees who wile away times engaging in them of office computers. Yet that scenario is now changing due to the invasion of gamification into corporate life. Games have made education much more interactive, pilot simulation more realistic and corporate training more scalable. Overall five kinds of benefits have been recognized which gamification provides to executives. First of all, games provide instant and authentic feedback at minimal cost. Due to their interactive interfaces, managers use them to actively engage with their team members. Granular data can be squeezed out regarding individual employees and their performance levels. Such can further be processed to gauge intelligence on best ways to increase productivity out of individual employees or their types. Different realistic scenarios which cannot all be tested in the real world can be simulated via games. Importantly, not much of technical knowledge is needed to use gaming tools, so any manager can use these to improve team’s performance, results and work motivation.



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