Ten ways have been identified which leaders must use in order to foster a sense of business innovation within their teams. Right at the onset, the fear of failure has to be eliminated because innovations naturally require risk taking, and risks inherently are fraught with failures. Employees must be accorded the space to experiment. All the business research need not be commissioned from the top, but some of that must be deployed across the teams as it leads to the growth of independence and learning. The teams members must be involved in strategizing sessions. The communication process must involve complete clarity with little scope for ambiguity. Incentives must be set up for employees to learn new things. Each time any task is started, the team head must care to explain its purpose and value to the others, rather than simply delegating micro-tasks. Also reasons for procedures need to be explained. A good method is for the manager to try to think the others’ perspectives. The work model must be set tangible values for team members to properly evaluate or measure their individual work.



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