The year 2017 will bring major technological challenges for marketers. The marketing technology landscape is changing faster than ever before, with number of companies, apps and offerings doubling every eighteen months. It is for CMOs to decide which suite to opt for. Vendor management will be another major challenge as not exist that can serve the entire suit, so organizations typically need to go for a few of them for different functions. With the quick fire changes and innovations, CMOs are feeling redundant so many will have to go back towards continuous education with something like an Executive MBA or rely excessively on vendors to sort out their lack of grasp. Traditionally organizations have paid heed to those earning the highest, but now data will be broken down to conduct business analytics which will primarily aid in decision making for CMOs. Such analytics will even break down the customer journey to be tracked at various stages in the decision making process. This mapping will be supported by email campaigns to attract customers at the right stage.



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