Outbound sales in the B2B segment are providing diminishing returns. In fact a survey conducted confirms that it takes a minimum of eighteen phone calls on average to connect with a potential prospect and callback rates stand at a low of one percent only. To go past this deadlock, social selling can be the answer. Social selling is different from social media marketing. The latter a brand markets to a wide audience trying to promote its particular product or service. In the former however, during the digital marketing process, brands attach their social media handles which are then further studied by the prospect about the work, quality and history of the service provider. Salespeople in the B2B segment are increasingly enduring frustration and so they must all adopt social selling. Here marketers must provide the right management training to the salespeople on social media channels to understand content guidelines, orienting the same as per target audience’s interests and needs, pricing and advantages of usage. Another survey recently concluded states that social sellers are a whopping six times more likely to succeed in their numbers’ achievement than peers without any social strategy.



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