Lazlo Bock who is the HR Head of Google has shared some perspectives on how his organization has become a beacon for talent recruitment while maintaining its position as one of the industry leaders. He feels that organizations must give meaning to employees’ work. Trust must be maintained with the team members. No compromise must be done while hiring, as only the best of them must be taken on. During performance reviews or appraisals, developmental conversations must be kept aside as these are independent of each other. Quietly the company has to keep track of the best performers and those on the other side of the scale. Being generous is important yet a lot of inexpensive methods can be more effective. Contrary to usual perception, Bock actually says that disparities in payments are a good thing as only the best ones then get star level treatment. Employees must be directed towards the best of practices. The workflow must involve a sense of fun and innovation. Changes are a normal part of work, so disruptions must be embraced and not shied away from.



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