Now is the era of contingent leadership. Such leaders who manage disparate teams and lead instead of simply delegate are the ones most in demand in today’s business environment. Three common qualities have been recognized that continent leaders possess. First of all such leaders need to show compassion towards their team members as well as customers. This involves acknowledgement of each one’s efforts, provide corporate training through executive coaching or personal mentorship, honest engagement with the various stakeholders, leading through individual excellence as example and honouring the commitments made. Such leaders must also instill confidence in their team members so they may look up to their leaders. They constantly seek newer vendors who can give great service, ensure collaboration through team meetings and explain the full picture to the stakeholders involved. Equally important is that such leaders have control over proceedings but not in the traditional top-down manner. Corporate pyramids have now become tombs as a famous business book has alluded to. So contingent leaders do not shy away from disruption but instead embrace such challenges. They also allow their existing beliefs to be modified. They believe and execute corporate communication in the proper manner. This involves listening to others’ ideas as well as communicating their own without any ambiguities.



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