With the advent of big data, there is enormous amount of information to be gleaned. Yet studies suggest that in spite of the vast sums available, even in data wise well endowed firms only a fifth of employees are actually using business intelligence reports. This is primarily due to a lack of data literacy. So a lot of organizations are trying to develop ways to solve this conundrum. One of those is using graphics and charts. While pictures have been known to be easier to understand than wordy scripts, that may not be accurate when it comes to complex charts or graphs which a lot of people do not have the necessary orientation to grasp. This gap is fortunately reducing thanks to usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) especially where Natural Language Generation (NLG) can take place. This is allowing bots of predict human behaviour to act accordingly. The Alexa interface can actually make conversation. Examples abound from various industries such as inventory management in grocer shops, financial analysis firms, trainings at call centres that have leveraged such bots that develop intelligence based on human conversations. These use the embedded analytics to solve real problems.



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