Different forms of rebels exist in the corporate world. There is one type that is self-important and rebels without any cause just to stand out. Such people may not be of much value but another type involves those rebels who do so because they want to genuinely improve operations, add value and imbibe business innovations. Such rebel talents must be embraced by the organizations. However, in spite of their best of intentions, the second type are often confused with the first due to some inherent mistakes often made. One such common error committed is they fail to prioritize ideas. This is because being nonconformists means they would be having a plethora of revolutionary ideas, but they get lost within the heap so cannot differentiate which ones to first target being most implementable or in greater need. They often go solo perhaps due to ego or because others aren’t on the same wavelength but lack of collaboration more often than not leads to scrapping of the proposal. Due to such trends they often need to give up early. Sometimes the inward motivation is so high, the actual meeting where the idea is to be pitched goes bad, perhaps due to anxiety or having too much to speak. This over zealousness to get their pitch across can lead to a lowering of popularity across the organization that eventually hurts the person’s morale or resilience.



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