Unlike human biology, organizations have evolved very differently. The former has a very effective though not so efficient a system, in stark opposite to the latter. The human body evolved over millions of years and that is why it is scalable enough to modify as per circumstances unlike corporates which are built for only a few generations. Frederick Winslow Taylor’s philosophy of scientific management was seen as the cornerstone of management practices for several decades in the twentieth century. His ideas were further perfected by Alfred Sloan who used the approach at General Motors. However, their concepts were reductionist and less relevant in today’s interconnected world. With Cable Operators struggling thanks to the business innovations of Netflix, Hulu or even HBO Now, some are having to disrupt their own businesses to stay relevant. So the likes of Comcast, Verizon and Charter Communications have developed their own cloud based or other offerings to deal with digitization challenges. So while the human body is actually not efficient enough by modern corporate standards it is adaptable to changes which means that we have thrived under the same body over thousands of years and now human lifespan lasts on average more than seventy years but constantly rising. The average shelf life of corporations on the other hand is only twenty odd years.



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