Ever since the dawn of human civilization till the time of Napoleon, few major changes were experienced by human beings. However, it all changed with the industrial revolution as steam power replaced muscle, implying that humans could now rely less on power, more on their intelligence. This led to the abandonment of child labour in the developed countries and land became less important a resource in comparison to the intelligent use of capital. Companies such as GE and Kodak were able to leverage such technological advancements to develop business innovations. Now with the digital age upon us further changes are afoot. Robots can now process a large part of human work with IBM’s Watson supercomputer being particularly capable of solving complex problems. Yet robots and computers will possibly never develop human skills such as social interaction, compassion or collaboration. Thus instead of totally abandoning the human intelligence, the most capable of work streams now combine the collaborative powers of the human brain with the Artificial Intelligence supplied by computers.



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