While most companies realize that business innovations are necessary to grow and survive, few of them are proactively acting to develop such changes. A few principles have been compiled which when followed can lead to a culture of innovators springing from any organization. First of all, vision documents alone are not enough. Innovators need the help of co-conspirators who can execute disruptions at the ground level. It must be recognized that innovations can arise from anywhere at any level. In fact, rarely do they trickle down from the top. Innovators need to leverage their passions and interest areas to develop ground-breaking changes. For a healthy environment of ideation, cross-functional teams are essential. Innovators must be supported top-down with the corporate strategy clearly laying down the need for parallel experimentation along with routine monetary tasks. They also need the backup of company resources. Executive coaching can help such innovators as the latter require mentorship more than supervision. Enlgihgtened organizations such as TED and Netflix actively encourage their employees to take risks, failures notwithstanding. Each failure is seen as part of the learning curve. Those that will imbibe such principles in the right manner, are more likely to transform into digital companies.



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