The travel market is ever increasing and a substantial part of this increase may be attributed to the use of smartphones. It is expected by some estimates that in 2017, mobile phones will be responsible for nearly a third of travel bookings. For this a mobile optimized website is an essential need If the mobile sit is not well optimized, on nearly three-fourths of instances, enquirers will seemly move away. However beyond that other requirements also exist such as a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So while Google lists pages according to relevance, geographic optimization can help sites to be listed higher up when user is based closer to base. Digital marketing needs to be conducted using social media platforms. Content to be delivered has to be personalized as much as possible. Oft – derided, but text messages still hold relevance, as studies have proven that of all users who opt-in for a texting service, ninety five percent of them will open and read through the message within three minutes of receiving. It is necessary to keep track of usage patterns using data backed business analytics to constantly study market trends.



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