It is a common trend for professionals to get stuck in between delivering a business presentation on endless bullets, excessive data and text based slides. This quite often gets boring and so organizations such as Pepsi, HP and Facebook have upgraded their methodology to storytelling. It is the art of presenting facts and figures attached to some context. It has been realized that the emotional connection for people listening is much stronger than mere facts and so the critical aspects that need to be remembered better can be better reinforced using stories. For effective business storytelling, it is essential to know the audience well. This allows for better context to the situation, improvement in accuracy, laying down the challenges and an emotionally satisfaction solution to all. With deadlines looming, the Visual Story Planner by The Presentation Company (TPC) compresses all business analytics using facts and data into a visual framework which is easier to access. Another such tool is the Visual Slide Library. A lot of employees will prove to be an obstacle when the company decides to use storytelling. This is particularly for those who abide by data and numbers. So some storytelling advocate ahs to be identified who will be a trend setter so that gradually the process can be weaned in.



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