Some technology trends that are set to dominate in the coming year have been identified. The first of the is the Internet of Things (IoT) which has been around for a while but not getting scaled enough for mass household level usage. That is partly due to too much competition but now that the tech ginats such as Google, Apple and Amazon have taken hold, it is set to consolidate. Augmented Reality (AR) has already hit the bulls-eye with Pokémon Go but in 2017 it will explode further along with the related Virtual Reality (VR) with ensuing marketing opportunities with them. Big Data has been known to be quantitative yet, it is going to get humanized with qualitative and empathetic abilities which will enable it to execute better marketing strategies. Machine learning will pick up as it will continue its support Google’s search algorithm. This will further lead to improvements in delivery of business analytics apps. Along with machine learning, automation and robotics will render a number of jobs as redundant though this will have the desired impact of growth in white collar creative level jobs. The interactions between the physical and digital worlds will rise as digital natives such as Amazon will venture further into physical products and physical brands such as Wal-Mart to offer more online offerings. Finally the process started out by Uber will complete a full circle with everything imaginable joining the ‘on-demand’ sphere. Apps on rides, stays, food deliveries will evolve into even greater offerings.



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