While so many companies are striving hard to succeed at talent recruitment, few are aware that they already possess good professionals. It is just that their optimum use is not made of. Especially in larger organizations, the silent performers tend to get ignored by those who are better at negotiating office politics. Often such people have been put into wrong tasks or those that they are not qualified to perform. They may even be ones who otherwise have a firm belief in the brand’s values which is why they have stuck to the organization in spite of being undervalued. With Big Data available, surely organizations must opt for such metrics to decode such silent performers but this rarely happens primarily because a lot of managers still rate their potential finding gut feeling to be the final word. Managers are often forced to be diplomatic when speaking to their direct reports. In order to actually glean the best of the lot, clear criteria and KPIs must be set beforehand. Objective and reliable methods must be used and transparency must be used while evaluating candidates. Developmental support must be extended to those failing to meet their targets. Instead of past or present records, personality is a better method to assess suitability to certain roles. Such steps will improve employee engagement.



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