The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Prado in Madrid and the Acropolis in Athens have long been Europe’s most visited single destinations. Yet that has changed now with a new site registering with the feat for the year 2016. As per tourism research conducted, that honour has gone to the Titanic Attraction in Belfast, Northern Ireland as acknowledged at the World Travel Awards. This site was inaugurated in 2012 as an ode to the thousands who perished when the then world’s largest ship sank. The James Cameroon directed movie created the branding for the story but it is this attraction that has finally done justice to the monumental engineering achievement. Belfast had earlier failed to attract enough visitors to its churches and monuments, primarily due to the civil war that raged on till the 1990s. The ensuing peace of the last two decades coupled with the massive popularity of the HBO series “The Game of Thrones” shot near Belfast, has projected the city as a top tourist destination.



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