Startups have very different challenges to established companies when it comes to talent recruitment. While the latter require specialists, startups need those who can execute a variety of tasks. A senior recruiter has listed us few measures which startups must consider while selecting personnel. First of all, the candidates must come well prepared with basic knowledge of the company they are applying to having done their research on Google, the company website, LinkedIn or the aggregator Crunch-Base. The candidates must show a willingness to learn. Stubborn candidates cannot be easily coached for the company needs. They must demonstrate a sort of a multi-tasking energetic and innovative startup spirit to the interview. Confidence is not only expected but in fact an understanding as if the job is theirs, is in fact desired. The person must be able to give out a plan on what he/she plans to achieve over the next few months. Also they must be honest with themselves while at the same time in agreement with company values. Such candidates do follow up on their selection but do understand subtle hints. Overtly aggressive or desperate candidates will probably not fit in.



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