Google has developed Virtual Reality (VR) aided educational tools to enable more futuristic a delivery model in British schools. Many academicians though are aghast and feel that such initiatives are nothing but gimmicks to increase their market share. They warn that once Google and their tech rivals such as Apple or Microsoft enter this market in a big way, their main aim will be to stave off competition from each other to win school contracts rather than benefit the act of education. Also their offerings are quite expensive and fear that parents could get bullied by their children to buy them these gadgets which actually take them away from traditional teaching methods. Google though does not agree and reinforces the fact that this business innovation has been undertaken to tailor education to the needs of present day students who are hooked to electronic gadgets. In order to attract students, animations have been put in and celebrities such as Michelle Obama roped in. The American tech giant also confirms that school teachers themselves are highly satisfied with these tools on trial.



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