The answers to some of the most complicated business puzzles, always starts by asking the right question. This was made clear in the book The Innovator’s Dilemma. Great firms often fail, at the hands of upstarts, thanks primarily to disruptive business innovations. These disruptive innovations are less complicated to execute than traditional processes. Thus, they attract the customers for whom, the existing products are either inaccessible or out of their financial reach. Lasting prosperity comes from the market- creating innovations. One must understand before embarking on any seeming opportunity, that not all innovations have the same market prospect. Similarly, data warehousing may not be the solution to every problem, unless it is properly analyzed to bring in, meaningful actionable insights. Management as a profession is often marred by accusations of being purely bottom- line driven. This however need not always true, as there are several noble links to it. One’s best self, need not be reserved for one’s career alone, but also for personal affairs. Finally, one needs to understand, that everything cannot be broken down into a balance sheet.


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