In modern workplaces several strands of people face stress, even severe forms. Yet not all of them encounter burnout. That is because some unlike others have better coping mechanisms. In order to understand this paradigm better, a study was conducted on a group of thirty five Chief Medical Officers. It was realized that only some of them underwent burnout. The primary coping mechanism found out was indeed emotional intelligence. Those who possess this aspect have greater level of compassion towards others, empathy, better self awareness and superior conflict management skills. In order to cope best, some solutions have been identified. Often too much stress is created by oneself due to extra pressures or targets heaped upon. This must be avoided. One needs to do self talent management by recognizing clearly the limitations beyond which no attempt must be made. During each bout of such self doubt or anxiety, deep breaths can reduce the suffering. Also during each such stressful situation, a complete revaluation of the condition must be analyzed. In fact some of the distress may actually be eustress which is beneficial stress. As mentioned before, empathy will ensure that one can put oneself into the others’ shoes to understand why such a condition arose in the first place. This will likely douse the fire of stress.



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