It is a well known fat that in today’s scenario, talent recruiting is a massive challenge for all forms of companies- big or small. The recruitment process has become candidate-driven due to the shortage of really good talent. However, a study conducted by Lighthouse Research and Advisory’s debunked the myth on parameters that are important during recruitment. Less than half of professionals who were surveyed rated candidate search and sourcing methods as crucial. Majority rated talent engagement and attraction as most important parameters. In fact the most savvy of recruiters are now using sophisticated data backed business analytics to drive out the chaff and only keep the valuable prospects for the formal selection process. Also not all analytics are useful, so it is important to have a strategy in place which will weed out the unnecessary ones. Some of the best ways to find talent, attract them organically, and engage them have also surfaced post this study. For talent acquisition, employee referral programmes, initiative recruitment and pipelining have been identified as the right means. For attracting such job brand building, advertising, and social media marketing have similarly been chosen as the ideal ones. And for keeping such high value employees engaged, the best methods discovered have been CRM, building talent communities and experience management.



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