Corporate training and development programmes aimed at creating leadership qualities fail more often than not. This is because companies spend a lot of money sending them out for Executive MBA or assigning personal coaches to them, but in this process these aspiring leaders leave the actual work environment. Three methods have been picked up from individual companies which create an ideal environment for such leadership development. The Barclays Bank and the Walt Disney Company identify individuals who care deeply for the work and grant them full freedom to innovate accordingly. They run Social Intrapreneur Challenges which leverage the experience of these employees to generate business ideas. Unilever has another equally effective approach called UL2020. Here, instead of creating a new business stream altogether, teams of five are created so that they can further improvise on existing plans. Another approach allows companies to retain talent so they can effectively lead teams and share their ideas. Examples exist of professionals switching from intrapreneur labs to director positions in relatively short time span. Such leaders execute to finish off the ideas they generated.



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