In present day business conditions, it is well known that customer acquisition through traditional means is faltering, but instead it is done by offering them some unique value. In order to provide this, some ways have been identified. One such way is transitional education. A lot of product or service offerings will do better if customers are better educated about the value provided. Design Pickle is one such organization that has provided transitional education to customers for their design offerings. A related method is called education based marketing which maximizes the scope of digital marketing using emails as the medium to transmit educational content related to the product or service offered. A third method is called memorable convenience which provides services to customers for values they need at the most convenient time possible. Oscar is one such service which translates insurance quotes into standard English so that people understand better. Email segmentation is a method to provide customized services to groups which have different requirements based on scores they receive under different parameters. Crucially staff must be provided adequate corporate training on two aspects especially. One of them is that they must have adequate product knowledge so they may act as advisors to customers. The other one is that service staff must be empowered so that they can provide memorable experiences to customers.



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