Some of Wall Street’s innovation lab activities have been compiled together. To start off the list there is the office of BNP Paribas in Manhattan which has brick walls and exposed ceiling allowing natural light to come in. It also offers free drinks and snacks. Barclays allows co-working for fin-tech company Rise in its premises to let its own employees have a feel of the cutting edge new trends taking shape. It enables a system of open innovation at the location. The Barclays Accelerator, which is a management training programme for fin-tech startups, will also be hosted by Rise. JP Morgan Chase has started off its new technology hub in Manhattan. Foosball can be easily played by employees there. Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon Corp. has a new digital transformation strategy so they have set up innovation labs across Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh and London plus at Pune and Chennai in India. They rooms are colour coded to elicit business innovation among the employees. Goldman Sachs has developed its own fin-tech arm known as Marcus at its headquarters. They have poached talent from firms such as PayPal, Alphabet and the Lending Club.



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