Brands need to take great care of their social media handles and presence due to the major role such platforms play in digital marketing. Thus some mistakes have been identified which must be avoided at all costs. Firstly, marketers must avoid posting incessantly. Similarly, followers must not be spammed regularly. There must be consistency across channels and in the message communicated. Posts must have some educational or broader appeal rather than selling constantly. Brands have a pre-conceived notion of themselves and their marketing campaigns. Such formulaic responses cannot be expected all the time as the market is dynamic, all the more so on social media which is largely used by younger people. Inappropriate jokes must be avoided as humour shows personality and that cannot be wrecked. Similarly, no part of corporate communication must display insensitivity towards others or social issues. Just to get the additional attention, brands often resort to leveraging the latest trends irrespective of being relevant. Unless the marketers fully grasp the concept, no trend must be blindly spoken of. The loyal followers must never be ignored, but constantly engaged with. Finally, integrity must remain strong so that no misinformation is broadcast to dupe customers. The modern customer can gauge the integrity better due to social connect.



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