Social media marketing can often go wrong if certain basic tenets are not follows properly. As social media is among the most important channels to conduct digital marketing it is crucial to keep in mind certain points. First of all, connect must be established with the right people rather than en masse. The approach must be tailored for the industry specific and influencers in the sector must be targeted. Also specific need related platform needs to be chosen as the same social media channel may not work for every requirement. Due market research needs to be conducted before plunging headlong into that industry. For this blogs on relevant issues need to be published, curated content shared and use of infographics made to arouse the interest. Each social media platform has a specific time when it gets best response. This needs to be taken care of for example Facebook does best between noon to 3 pm and LinkedIn between 7 and 9 am plus 5 and 6 pm in the evening. Finally, the marketers need to focus on the main objective of the organization. It is creative and attractive to develop a healthy social media presence, but ultimately it must lead to business benefits.



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