Marketing research firm Gallup has found out that less than a third of B2B customers are engaged with organizations they need to work with. Thus four ways have been identified which will help companies to engage better with their industrial customers. First of all the right questions must be posed. This includes matters such as how well customers are known as individuals, how they interact with the company, what are their challenges or priorities or needs, how customer interactions can be more valuable and whether customers are genuinely committed to the brand or would not hesitate to shift over to competitor. Companies must treat industrial partners or vendors as they would people. IBM for example excels in such engagement. The entire organization must be geared towards client interaction. This includes a common purpose for cross-functional teams, metrics to be defined so that proper measurement can be done, teams to be empowered in decision making and thorough conversations with customers. Another method is to create customer advisory boards. These will share business insights and advice the company on client interaction.



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