2016 was a very interesting year for digital marketing as some poignant trends were displayed. One of them is that social searches have increased exponentially with Facebook developing its own search algorithm. Real time live marketing is taking place using social platforms such as Google Trends, Twitter or Snapchat which was particularly leveraged by Gatorade. With the launch of Facebook Live and ongoing popularity of YouTube, live video streaming has taken on a new dimension. It now facilitates increased engagement as used up by 50 Cent to publicize their TV show Power. It also allows damage control as used by Southwest Airlines after several of its tickets got cancelled in a short span of time. The Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) model saw an evolution with hyper-focus from advertisers using social media platforms such as Pinterest or Twitter. The San Jose Sharks used Facebook’s targeted ads function to earn thirty three times more revenue than ad-spend. The market for Wearables also saw an increase mainly due to i-Watch. Advertising is now much more visually driven across all social media channels. The concept of remarketing is now being used to target potential customers who have visited the product page but have not made the final purchase. The scope of predictive analytics keeps rising thanks to further increase in availability of Big Data. Several brands are now combining mobile specific web sites with mobile apps to provide the ultimate progressive web apps. Overall the speed of usability of websites has accelerated as per data provided by Kissmetrics. This has been well provisioned by Accelerated Mobile Pages Project.



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