All organizations understand that effective leadership is one of the most crucial ways to differentiate from competitors yet few invest in leadership specific management training. This is changing now with companies accessing enormous quantities of data to understand the traits that define top managers’ daily schedules. The most illuminating of these have been highlighted in a study using Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics. It was found out that at times when the work pressure rises, and all need to chip in logging extra hours, it is these manager who lead by example. These managers ensure that there is balance in the amount of work done across the team and by themselves in the context of a working year. Effective managers in order to keep tabs on the work pattern develop intricate networks of communication within the firm in order to extract valuable business intelligence. In this way they can weed out the worst of grapevine while retaining the valuable bits. In spite of such strategic level communications, great managers must still ensure that personal discussions continue to take place. Most importantly, a Gallup study has confirmed that the best of managers also remain highly engaged at their own work.



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