There are some leaders who work very fast and even adapt to changes at an equal pace. There are others who are more thoughtful and cautious, so take their time in completing tasks with complete thoroughness. While these two styles may seem disparate, there are many of the best of leaders who combine the best from these two. There are seven unique factors which enable them to combine these seemingly contradictory methods. First of all there must be a clear corporate strategy etched out so that the leaders and their team members can plan work accordingly. Goals set must be such that the team gets stretched out but high standards can be maintained. The corporate communication has to be powerful and unambiguous so that all know their roles and duties. The leader must be brave enough to not hesitate in changing things when needed. It is always good to consult external experts when internal solutions don’t seem to be working out. These leaders must know how to inspire and motivate those around themselves. Of course, no leadership challenge is complete without that will to constantly innovate and be open to disruptions developed by others in the market.


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