In order to succeed at the highly competitive field of talent recruitment, many companies are taking extreme steps. This is further perpetrated by the fact that some of the brightest talent from around North America and the rest of the world are flocking to the Silicon Valley area for tech related jobs. In order to recruit millennials, management consulting giant Deloitte has ditched the traditional method and instead venturing to hackathons, product showcases and code fests. There are three major reasons why such unconventional methods are working well in this case. First of all it fits the processes around the people to create a talent pipeline. Through such events, the recruiters also get to test not only their technical skills, but also for the cultural fit of the candidates as they can be seen live at their comfort zone. In this method, millennials feel catered to for an aspect they rate very highly in choosing jobs- career growth. Instead o having to fit in around a company culture, they can continue to contribute for societal development using their skills.



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