Several processes that are seemingly ubiquitous in organizations, are actually inefficient and need to be weeded out. The first one of them is the creation of silos as they inhibit collaboration between departments and stall innovation. A single system of record can achieve transparency so that silos cannot be created. This has successfully been implemented by Intuit, Salesforce and Workday. Another such flaw is poor systems integration. As stated by IDC conducted business research, business leaders in sales, HR and procurement confirmed that their internal systems are not aligned to one another so cannot work across departments. As possible solutions SharePoint may be used for document repository and Lync for collaboration. A lot of bottlenecks go undetected in organizations simply because ways have been found around them. As GE famously claimed that a single percent rise in oil recovery led to billions of additional barrels annually. New technologies must be integrated to make sure that such ‘gatekeepers’ cannot be successful. A major flaw is creeping redundancies. Inter-departmental collaboration can fix issues such as time wastage, overproduction, customer delays, approval delays, unnecessary steps, duplication at work and errors. There is also the inefficiency of limited real time insights. This can be offset by suing data backed business analytics. Loss of operational performance can erode stakeholder trust. A digital connect between various stakeholders needs to be established.



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