There are several factors which are holding back the rapid growth of the tourism industry in Africa. Tourism consulting provided at the African Travel and Tourism Conference at Lagos in Nigeria has identified some such serious flaws. One of them is that the tourism infrastructure is underdeveloped as opposed to global leader such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany or the next lot comprising of USA, UK, Spain, France, Sweden, Singapore and Canada. Air travel between the major African cities is also inadequate. In spite of the abundance of tourism products, there is no comprehensive marketing strategy to promote them. One such major untapped market is Uganda while one such complete segment is religious tourism. In spite of the best efforts of the African Union in developing a common visa, travel restrictions still abound for foreigners across the continent. Most African countries receive minimal support from government treasuries to develop tourism infrastructure. Finally the brand image of Africa has unfortunately been one of poverty, hunger, war, strife, epidemic diseases and other such negative perceptions.



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