Certain individuals in all organizations emerge as its toxic handlers. They are the ones who listen to other’s problems and take on their stress. Such people end up getting pressurized more as beyond personal responsibilities they also need to cover up for others without getting formal credit for the same. This is not sustainable for the organization or individual, and so certain methods have been identified which should ease this burden. First of all, conventional stress reduction techniques may be adopted. A lot of organizations have formal management training programmes in order to help employees deal with such stress. One can take advice from the direct boss or the company HR regarding such matters. Even therapy may be an option. Also, the person concerned must not jump to every such incident but pick battles according to importance. Only those issues must be taken up which induce maximum effects. Sometimes one needs to put one’s foot down and clearly say no to being the vent. Empathy can be conveyed even without plunging headlong into the issue. Also one needs to let go of the guilt. Sometimes they will best be handled by those affecting directly. Another method could be toxic handlers recognizing each other and coming together as a group so that they can all help one another. Even while helping others, one mustn’t ignore the self so breaks must constantly be taken from such unsung hero duties. Any change in the pattern of one sided help, may ease the toxic handler.



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