The word company DNA is often an alternative to finding the corporate strategy or work culture of the organization. Just as humans evolved based around their original DNA and the habitats around them, even organizations have a set DNA which influences their business moves or successes. A very good example of this can be explained from the Pokémon Go phenomenon. The creator of the original Pokemon Satoshi Tajiri had a hobby when he was a kid of collecting bugs or other insects. With urbanization this hobby got replaced by video games but through this game he was able to reconnect with his childhood pastime. Niantic which created the online game, was founded by John Hanke who created the original concept behind Google Earth with a DNA of mapping places. Thus the two combined to spawn the gaming sensation. IBM and HP, the tech rivals had similar experiences where they both struggled in the 1990s. While IBM came back strongly going back to the roots, HP committed disasters by going away from it before coming back only recently. Thus organizations have a set DNA built into them during conception. It can be modified somewhat during the lifetime using plasticity. Companies need to find out the exact opportunities where it can trudge beyond its original waters.



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