A lot of stereotypes exist about the millennial generation. However going beyond such stereotypes, methods to develop millennial talent have emerged. Twelve of these have been earmarked specifically. One of them is obviously to believe in them as that will lead to them giving back in terms of productivity. Flexible work plans must be put in place. Contrary to popular perception, there can be a lot of collaboration between the previous generation and the present one, so companies need to start leveraging existing experience. Instead of developing systems based on prior experience, they must streamline organically depending on the people concerned. Talent management experts have stressed on how such mentorship programmes yield the best of developmental results. A feeling of family then builds up in the organization. Beyond the narrow company objectives, employees must be provided management training to develop them holistically as individuals. Their digital training must go beyond just understanding to tap Google searches. Instead of frantically searching for talent elsewhere, it is always better to promote from within by organic means. Millennials have been observed to have an entrepreneurial streak so it will be better to tap this inner potential by affording them greater independence to develop their own ideas at the workplace. Innovative firms such as Zappos, Facebook and Google have excelled at people retention due to the art of storytelling that they have mastered.



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