Peter Aceto the CEO and President of Tangerine, has confirmed what belief he always held firm, which is that he would rather engage in a one-to-one discussion with individual customers on social media than mass marketing on hallmark event days. He also feels that in order to understand marketing, it is essential to take gigs at the very base such as a call center. However, now social media induced digital marketing is the best form of the same as it gives tremendous reach. Also collaboration is now paramount to business success. Social leadership has emerged where leaders encourage their team members to collaborate authentically with one another and to get rid of self-serving silos. Now the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining ground by being woven along with the social experience. Twitter especially is proving to be most powerful a tool and even banks are using this method. However, Mr. Aceto cautions fellow CEOs citing that social media must best be used as a listening and not broadcasting device especially at the very beginning.



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