Millennial marketers are pursuing a radically different approach towards marketing than their counterparts from the Baby Boomer generation. While for the earlier generation, digital marketing is one of the long line of marketing tactics including broadcast, radio or print, for the younger ones, a digital or mobile first approach is what suits them. As per a research report submitted by Magisto, millennials spend a whopping 58% of their total marketing budget on digital means as opposed to a measly 14% by baby boomers. Another startling statistic provided is that 90% of millennials use video as a marketing tool as opposed to only two-fifths of total baby boomers polled. Video provides unique storytelling opportunities. Similarly, e-Marketer confirms that 2016 witnessed for the first time digital ad spends exceeding those of the television. A lot of companies these days are digital natives, and this being conceived on a digital format itself such as Dollar Shave Club on YouTube.


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