Most of the best CEOs around realize that in order that their vision be carried out by employees, it is essential that they are clearly understood. Corporate communication must be delivered sans any ambiguity. Alan Mulally at Ford has clearly articulated that the company must strive towards the common customer-focused initiatives throughout the organization. A clear accountability stands for each team or individual within. Similarly at Microsoft the vocabulary has somewhat changed from its mundane task-oriented vision of the previous CEO to the one embracing business innovation under the present leadership of Satya Nadella.  There is greater collaboration to develop new streams of work. At GE, Jack Welch was particular about indoctrinating high performers on the Crotonville factory floor so that fast-track executives under the entire company philosophy. Typically most organization’s vocabulary is disproportionately influenced by its founders, but every succeeding CEO can influence happenings through clear lines of communication being established.



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