There are certain leadership skills now essential, but which did not even exist even a decade back. One of them is executive presence which shows leaders in their real light at times of pressure. A thoughtful and actionable leader ought to excel in this. Then there is resiliency which shows how strong leader can remain amidst criticism. In today’s diverse workplace it is essential that the leader can wade through the minefield of culture management with ease. For similar reasons of diversity, the leader has to develop a sense of emotional intelligence as different people require unique handling. Corporate communication ought to be clear and devoid of ambiguity, which is something the modern leader has to navigate past. The leader can no longer be an expert in one field alone, but be skilled across multiple areas. The leader also has to forge talent management across generations from millennials to gen X-ers and baby boomers. On a similar note, the leader also has to manage virtual teams and individual contributors on employed on contractual basis. He/she needs to instill organization wide a sense of collaboration. The leader needs to possess social media presence. The brand value of the person must be authentic as people today can separate out inaccurate communication very easily. The person has to engage in conversations that build strategic value to the organization. Unlike in earlier times, leader has to be democratic and involve others in.



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