In special military units such as the Navy SEALs, team bonding is placed above all individual pursuits. This is because as several organizations and studies have testified, experiences rise manifold when they are shared. As the concept of team building as defined by Bruce Tuckman testifies, there are four stages to it names forming, storming, norming and performing. A the first stage, people get to know each other, next they have some conflicts, at the third stage relationships normalize, and finally they start performing once they take proper shape. Talent management experts realize that any of these steps can be heightened through adding shared experiences. In order to curate shared experiences, four types can be used up. There are the hobby activities where individuals combine to form groups based around their vocations such as golf or music. These have high meaning but low stress as there is no actual pressure to perform. There are social activities such as over dinner or drinks. Here bonding is even lesser as little meaning may be attached, but important nonetheless. The best method is over formative activities such as a boot camp as they derive high meaning under moderate stress. All these three forms can be developed by organizations using management training sessions to some extent but the fourth must be avoided at all costs. This is known as hazing activity involving busy work.



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