With the gig economy ever rising, it is essential that the fifty million plus Americans earning full or part of their living through this means take the right steps. First of all they must get certified in their field of specialization. One option could be an Executive MBA or other such continuous education means. Otherwise there are several valid certification bodies such as those from Adobe, Google, or American Marketing Association. Freelancers must start gathering testimonials as consumers tend to trust these opinions. Social media must be used up to tag positive reviews about work. Blogging is an ideal method to disperse content and conduct digital marketing. This can also lead to development of thought leadership capabilities for the contributor. He/she can speak about important issues relevant to general readers of the forum. Like for companies, even individuals get leverage out of the same. Another valuable method is to get connected to social influencers which one can by writing guest posts on others’ blogs or industry specific forums. Just as with businesses, social commitments create a positive vibe about individual contributors as well. Thus engaging with charitable work helps.



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