The year 2017 is set to ring in major digital transformations. A set of those major changes has been brought together by a business research assignment carried out by IDC. Firstly the report says that by the year 2021, a third of CEOs and COOs at the most valuable two thousand companies would have spent at least half a decade at technology leadership roles. By 2018, companies who have invested in IoT or cognitive based functions are likely to see a thirty percent jump during the business cycle culmination points. A year further on, two-fifths of IT projects will create digital services and ensuing revenue streams that are set to leverage the vast data warehousing operations done. That same year, a start will be made in revenue generation through interaction with customer’s digital assistant. Just short of half the CIOs will shift their focus away from the physical to digital side. By the end of the coming year, revenue growth will align itself in a way to so that information based products will be on top of the pile. Also four-fifths of CIOs will develop risk portfolios in order to face off to threats related to business, security, compliance or catastrophes.



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