Ten business trends which will pull success in the year 2017 have been compiled together. Subject Matter Experts (SME) will drive growth especially in the B2B segment. They will also get increasing sales support. A lot of products may or may not meet public approval, but the concept of crowd-funding gives them the lead as only such ideas will get funding which have some level of mass market support. Content will become fully integrated with sales by driving digital marketing. Video based marketing will further rise in importance stakes. Market research conducted by Forbes has already outlined that four-fifths of people are watching greater video content than last year while a similar number quoted that they watch work related video. A bit more than half do that on YouTube. Two-thirds of professionals have visited vendor’s website after being convince of their work thanks to viewing some video of theirs. The email method may soon get modified thanks to the presence of new collaboration tools such as Slack or even Facebook driven precision target marketing. Brick-and-Mortar stores which do not provide any genuine value ought to disappear from the market in 2017. Instead of broad maxims, it is marketers who advertise niche offerings that will capture customers’ attention. Instead of constantly hunting for new revenue streams, the existing ones will fortify to be recurring. The year 2017 will finally see the millennial generation come of age. Several studies conducted by renowned firms such as Pew, Goldman Sachs and Deloitte confirm that a lot of organizations will hire millennials as leaders while a lot of startups founded by that generation will also flourish.



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