While hard work and discipline are extremely important in order to bring business innovations to market, it is the moments of inspiration or ‘aha’ moments without which none of the efforts will be of any use. Thus processes need to be put in place by organizations and economies at large to generate such creativity. Such creative forces can either be developed deliberately or through spontaneous eureka moments. It has often been believed that creativity is better fostered in multicultural environments. This hypothesis was put to the test by a team led by a professor from renowned MBA institute INSEAD. It was realized that merely traveling to foreign countries for short gigs or tourism purpose does not bring any major benefits. Instead it is living abroad and immersing in the local culture that does. That is why several creative geniuses such as Picasso, Hemingway and Stravinsky have developed their masterpieces while living abroad. A professor in Israel’s Tel Aviv University has also confirmed that the concept of integrative complexity gets boosted by taking in multiple perspectives or view points. A professor in Singapore meanwhile confirmed that even in the art of cooking, best results came out when several cuisines such as Asian and American were fused together. This is why decisions such as Brexit or the anti-immigration rhetoric among several political parties in Europe and North America are dangerous for generating innovations in business.



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