A study conducted by the Brandon Hall Group has delivered some key insights about the trends that have shaped corporate training in 2016-17. There seems to be a four party tussle for inheriting the majority of training budgets. The parties involved are- the Head of Learning, CEO, HR department and individual business units concerned. Very less of the funds seem to be controlled by finance or other wings. In terms of training content to be created, video is gaining in popularity but at the same time is also the least expensive. It includes activities such as an e-learning course, mobile apps, simulations, games and instructional videos. In spite of this preference towards video, classroom sessions still rule the roost with the greatest chunk. It has also been found to be most effective when led by instructors. The largest chunk of training is provided to senior management. The respective amount is much less per person for middle management or supervisory levels or even external consultants. The maximum hours granted per topic goes for imparting of technical skills rather than services knowledge or leadership coaching.


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