Organizations need to comply with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure safety measures and to be on the right side of the laws. Proper corporate training needs to be organized in order to ensure such compliance. The best practices to manage compliance training have been set aside for others to follow. First of all unconventional, creative methods must be used as learning material. Segmented learning material must be provided so that employees can use Learning Management Systems (LMs) according to their ease. This will also allow them to go through chapters as per need rather than all at one go. The LMS interface must try to eliminate all unnecessary steps such as senior manage being asked to start the course from the beginners’ level. The organization administering the trainings, must deliver clear concise corporate communication with notifications and reminders. The company must create a roadmap to link compliances with improving business productivity. Proper analytics must be tracked to drive home the point on the importance of such sessions.


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