The field of customer experience will be at the forefront in the coming year. Five trends in particular will shape the same in 2017. The Internet of Things (IoT) has already started making headway into everyday usage but that will rise further in the upcoming year through devices such as Fitbit and experiences such as the one Absolut has curated for pleasurable drinking. However, greater penetration of IoT also implies improved security measures as evidenced by the outages earlier this year on Twitter, Spotify and several other networks. Machine Learning is already improving customer experiences. Data is being tracked to deliver personalized experiences depending on the business intelligence captured. A very good example of this is football team Real Madrid’s use of a Microsoft application to analyze worldwide fans and then divide them into groups in terms of following. Data will define customer experiences especially in CRM as already done by Sephora. The smart diagnostics deliverables will improve in 2017 with major consumer durables player LG entering into this in a big way. This combines IoT with the analytics to provide refined customer experiences. The mobile phone will become ubiquitous to business as well as personal decision making in the year. That will lead to more in-store applications to guide the customer on product qualities.


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